Ossipee Mountain Land Company evolved out of land holdings purchased in 1978. Our company has a combined ownership and long term management of 15,000 acres of New Hampshire Forestland. The land has been managed for the future in an ecologically, culturally, financially responsible and sustainable manner.


We will be providing information on where to purchase Ossipee Mountain Firewood for campgrounds in the Northeast in the near future. We stress the value in using only kiln dried, insect-free firewood for your camp fire. We also suggest that there are numerous ways to enjoy the ideal campfire with our kiln dried hardwoods- from cooking to heating your tent or other shelter. We would also like to suggest that you explore the gourmet tradition of grilling with wood at home or gourmet camping. Our kiln dried hardwoods are ideal for this. It is dry and unlike lump charcoal vast amounts of energy has not alredy been used to get it to it’s ideal state. It is far superior to charcoal briquettes, no additives or unhealthy fumes-just pure, natural flavor enhancing, gourmet inducing heat.

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