Ossipee Mountain Land Company evolved out of land holdings purchased in 1978. Our company has a combined ownership and long term management of 15,000 acres of New Hampshire Forestland. The land has been managed for the future in an ecologically, culturally, financially responsible and sustainable manner. We are now producing maple syrup in that spirit.

We at Ossipee Mountain Firewood are proud to produce clean, dry insect and disease free quality firewood at a competitive price. We are now producing maple syrup as well.

Properly dried firewood produces 31% more heat, has 30% less weight,starts more easily, and produces a fully satisfying fire. Wood that has not been properly dried is hard to ignite, sizzles, has a low heat value, and produces and excess of heavy smoke that creates a buildup of creosote on the chimney flue that could lead to a chimney fire.

New England farmers and lumbermen have carefully put aside Northern hardwood logs (Oak, Beech, Maple, Ash, etc) intended for fireplace use for centuries. This wood was cut, split and stacked for 12-18 months to air dry. The wood was stored in a woodshed to protect it from the weather and elements and was perfect for the fireplace or stove. We now accomplish this optimal state by kiln drying the wood. The wood is cut, split and subjected to intense heat until the moisture content is reduced to reproduce the values of true seasoned New England firewood.

Ossipee Mountain Firewood is grown, processed and packaged on our Certified Tree Farm in New Hampshire. We own and manage 15,000 acres of multiple use, sustained yield forest land. Trees are carefully harvested to maintain a healthy, high quality forest. Regeneration after harvest is our highest priority. We accomplish this using harvest techniques that promote natural regeneration and planting where necessary. Our forest is managed for multiple resources of wildlife, water recreation and wood.

Call us today to supply your customers with Ossipee Mountain Firewood, a renewable resource from responsibly managed forest lands.


Jeffery T. Coombs


Ossipee Mountain